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Muscle Goddess and Mixed Fighting Superstar, Miss Rapture, welcomes you to her site!

Join today for unbeatable femdom, muscle worship, ballbusting, and mixed fighting content.


Date: May 31

Brandy may is along sleeping in her bed butt naked with no underwear on dreaming heavily about her next training day. One of Brandys clients followed her home from a training session, and WANTED MORE THEN TRAINING. He came in though the back door with his long black leather gloves on creeping close by her body he starts to touch her feet ever so gently running his creepy hands up and down the interior of her legs hands then he see's she would not wake from his touch as he play's with her tell he is satisfied from stroking him self off from her soft skin and sexy pussy.



Date: May 28

Rapture sits on your face



Date: May 25

After being called out by Tomiko, Rapture decides to take matters into her own hands. After knocking Tomiko out with a vicious pair of head scissors, she takes her limp body over to her torture table. Tying her down to the table, using her signature red rope, she begins to prep her into being sold into sex slavery. Rapture awakens her victim by slamming & slapping her huge tits into Tomiko's face. She tickles her mercilessly, sits on her, smothers her some more with her tits, and rubs Tomiko's pussy until it's dripping wet. Rapture can be one cruel Goddess when she wants to be...



Date: May 22



Date: May 19

City boy Kris is stranded at sea. Running out of food and water, he is quickly becoming weak. Unable to care for himself, he lays there in despair. What better opportunity for the two slutty sea creatures to take advantage of their next victim. From the depths emerge 2 stunning, muscular, yet sadistic beauties. They quickly board his ship and begin to unleash fury on him. They take turns sitting on his face with their perfect asses while the other does full weight butt drops on his exposed stomach. The two trample his body and face, mixing in some really hard punches to the mix. It's obvious how strong these two are and they make sure to drive home that point. Kris is forced to fuck their massive biceps and thighs; his cock trying to get as hard as the muscles it's being stroked by. A forced hand job? Why not? He's already thoroughly turned on.



Date: May 16

Rapture lifts little Katie



Date: May 13

All Goddess Rapture wanted to do was enjoy a peaceful afternoon, while reading a good book. Unfortunately for her, Rapture's roommate Jenevive, had different plans in mind. Both well blessed with some of the biggest & prettiest boobs in the world, seem to have some disagreement as to who's boobs are better. Jenevieve, barges in on Rapture, insisting her double I boobs are better than Rapture's double D's, and challenges her to a tit fight. They take turns squeezing each other's massive tits. When they tire of that, they go into an all out boob fight. They smack them against each other, and take turns grabbing, groping, kissing, and sucking on them . Try as hard as they do to fight, they eventually both start to get turned on. They begin to kiss each other and slowly go back and forth licking and sucking on the other's ones boob. This clip ends off with the hottest boob worship and sucking scenes we've ever seen. Buy the clip so you can choose for yourself who has the best boobs



Date: May 10

Rapture starts off with her big size 9 shoes pined on your face while you look up at her muscular pregnant hot body. She shows you all her strength with her big belly sticking out ready to make you her little baby. She pulls out her breast an begins to express them in your mouth once your full she tucks you in bed for your little evening nap letting you know mommy has full control



Date: May 07

Rapture and Brandy found there slave bound and chained for there own use of muscle fun. They both decide his first punishment should be ass spanking. Both of the hot muscle Goddess take turns abusing Dontays ass tell both Goddess see that his ass has had a good punishment. Then they both Take turns lifting his weak pathetic body in every different potion since he is scared of high places. With every lift they will make him feel scared and weak of being lifted by the amazing hot sexy Goddess.



Date: May 04

Sissy Sadism





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