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Muscle Goddess and Mixed Fighting Superstar, Miss Rapture, welcomes you to her site!

Join today for unbeatable femdom, muscle worship, ballbusting, and mixed fighting content.


Date: Nov 14

Harley Quinn, by far, is the hottest most bad ass superhero. Now imagine her as Rapture. Muscles bulging everywhere, those powerful thighs, beautiful size 9 feet, and huge tight ass.You don't deserve to be in her presence, let alone worship her. This is your one & only chance. So sit there on the floor, at her feet, and listen to every command she gives you. Admire the perfection that is her body. From head to toe, one by one, you'll be allowed to worship and lick your Goddess as she flexes & poses for you. Feel your cock getting harder. The bulge in your pants growing by the moment. Keep t in there and your hands off until you are finally given permission to touch. Then stroke it. Stroke it to your Goddess exactly how she tells you to. Jerking that throbbing cock on your knees. Until you are finally allowed to cum



Date: Nov 08



Date: Nov 05



Date: Nov 02



Date: Oct 30

Slave Kris is a fucking idiot. He hasn't learned from his previous lessons. After numerous beatdowns from the amazing Goddess Rapture, she is finally tired of his . Determined to stop him running his mouth, she recruits another Goddess. Rapture & Jennifer Thomas beat the life out of him. They tag team him. Trampling him. Putting him in all sorts of scissor hods. Smothering face sitting him, and doing brutal butt drops. As if that wasn't good enough, they continue their destruction with breath play, tit smothering, and punches to his body. Tiring of his whining, they put him to sleep via a double head scissor.



Date: Oct 27

Back by popular demand, we once again find our favorite muscle Goddess Rapture totally dominate tiny Kathy. Using her massive muscles, she puts on a clinic of what lift & carry really means. She easily lifts poor Kathy in every way imaginable. Starting with underarm and elbow lifts, she seamlessly progresses to bearhugs and cradles. It wouldn't be a Rapture lift & carry video if there weren't some overhead military presses, and she doesn't disappoint, pressing Kathy easily over her head numerous times. Time after time, Rapture shows us why she's the most powerful Goddess. Ever. Enjoy...



Date: Oct 24



Date: Oct 21

Foot job, foot worship and domination



Date: Oct 18



Date: Oct 15

You know you've dreamt of it. You've jerked your cock raw to the mere thought of it. Those luscious lips wrapped around you. The warmth of her mouth enveloping you. The firm grip from her powerful hands stroking you up and down. Lay down and relax as your true Muscle Goddess Rapture gives you the best blow job ever. She sucks it. She licks it. She jerks and sucks it while rubbing and licking your balls. It's clear she knows her way around a cock. After a masterful performance, she finally allows you to explode in her mouth; shooting your entire load down her throat. But it doesn't stop there. Using the cum in her mouth as lube, she begins to rapidly finger fuck her beautiful pussy. Faster and faster, it becomes obvious you're not the only one who's gonna get off. Moaning in pure ecstasy, she works herself into a frenzy, cumming and squirting all over your still hard cock. Damn, Rapture. Can I be next? Buy the clip and you can...





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