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Muscle Goddess and Mixed Fighting Superstar, Miss Rapture, welcomes you to her site!

Join today for unbeatable femdom, muscle worship, ballbusting, and mixed fighting content.


Date: Aug 20



Date: Aug 17

Rapture gets tied and fucked



Date: Aug 14

Foot worship and spanking



Date: Aug 11

Rapture loves her slaves to smell her dirty gym socks. she orders her slave to lay down with no pants and orders him to stroke his cock tell its fully hard. Rapture then decides she should help the poor dirt bag slave with a handy of course. Rapture begins to stroke his cock wit both hands not to allow any cock to escape her grip. She then gets so turn on rapture smothers him with her well worn socks making him even harder now. she begins to blow his cock tell he is pre-coming for raptures smelly socks. Raptures so excited about how much pre-cum is throbbing out of his cock she decides to please her self by stuffing his mouth full of foot jam.



Date: Aug 08

Rapture lift and carries her boy toy



Date: Aug 05

What's the point of getting a pedicure if you can't show it off to anyone? While some girls might wear sandals to do so, Rapture has another idea in mind. Being that she's in a giving mood, she has decided to give all of you a treat. Breaking out her favorite, massive dildo, she slowly removes her shoes, exposing her perfectly arched size 9 feet. After putting said dildo on the foot rest in front of her, she seductively lays back in her chair, those massive tits on full display. As she wraps her freshly sculpted feet around the dildo, you begin to wish it was you. Wish it was you that she was slowly jerking your throbbing cock off to. With perfect technique, Rapture makes sure to rub every part of her cock. She squeezes it over & over, before putting it in her mouth for a little lube. Knowing that you are now thoroughly turned on, she tells you in explicit detail what she would do if it were your cock under her feet. Finally ready to explode, Rapture instructs you on how to do so, all the while never skipping a beat giving the best foot job you've ever seen.



Date: Aug 02

The tall beauty and the beast



Date: Jul 30

Rapture's bed training



Date: Jul 27

Colonel Rapture is spying on her target from her spy wear she wants to smash all there weapons that they have because they are a treat to her village. Rapture heads out in the rain to find them after growing as tall as the trees towering over every living thing from taking her magic potion and growing out of control She will destroy them all with her feet stomping them all to peaces. She is the Queen amazon.



Date: Jul 24

Rapture lift and carries her boy toy





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