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Muscle Goddess and Mixed Fighting Superstar, Miss Rapture, welcomes you to her site!

Join today for unbeatable femdom, muscle worship, ballbusting, and mixed fighting content.


Date: Jun 15

Rapture gets tied and fucked



Date: Apr 19

Rapture ties Molly to a chair and torture tickles her feet.



Date: Apr 16

Kris is up to being his asshole self again. After getting his ass kicked last tinm by Rapture and Jennifer Thomas, he decides to pick on someone a little but smaller. Spotting Carmin working out, he aggressively approaches. Unbeknownst to him, there's a lot of fire in the perfectly sculpted Goddess, and Kris is in for a beating. She easily tosses him around like a rag doll. Placing him in various scissor holds and submissive moves, she forces him to tap again & again. She squeezes, squishes, and stomps him out until he is forced into unconsciousness by her powerful body



Date: Apr 13

Amazon Rapture's tiny roommate Asia has a confession to make. She's always admired Rapture's strength and ability to lift heavy objects. Being less than 100 lbs herself, Asia has always wondered the ways in which Rapture could lift her. Bored, and feeling frisky, she finally gains the courage to ask Rapture to do so. Always ready to prove her strength, Rapture begins one of the best lift & carry sessions we've seen to date. Rapture grabs Asia by her tiny ass cheeks, and easily hoists her into the air. Too easy for Rapture, she wraps her hands around Asia's tiny waist, lifting her high in the air while carrying her around the room. Excited and turned on, Asia begs for more. Rapture happily obliges, picking and lifting her by her elbows, quickly followed by a bear hug carry around the room. As the two compare biceps, it is obvious Rapture's are three times the size of her scrawny roommate's. Determined to show Asia how powerful she really is, Rapture grabs her off of her feet, and begins a series of overhead presses



Date: Apr 10



Date: Apr 07

Sexy Rapture spent all day shopping to find the perfect pair of sexy nylons. Excited to bring them home and try them on for her boyfriend, she wastes no time in changing and surprising him on the couch. Instead of the compliments she was expecting, this jerk tells her they're ugly & make her look fat. Flabbergasted and enraged, she immediately unleashes her fury on the poor guy. Planting that beautifully sculpted ass on his face, she smothers him, with forward & reverse face sitting. She grinds his face raw with the nylons, fucking it harder and harder. Determined he enjoy every inch of the nylons, she moves to some crushing head scissors. Rapture shows no mercy, using her massive thighs to almost bring him to the point of unconsciousness. The onslaught continues as she kneels on his throat, crushing his neck and windpipe. Once her pathetic boyfriend is gasping for air, she plants her ass on his cock and demands he worship er size 9 nyloned feet. He is forced to lick, kiss, and smell them. Her lesson in destruction only comes to an end after he apologies over & over; letting her know what a true Muscular Goddess she is.



Date: Apr 04



Date: Apr 01

Trash talk humiliation



Date: Mar 29

Rapture's had a long day at the office. After stepping out to take a break, she returns to find some creepy guy just loitering around. She informs him that the office is closed, but he pays her no mind. Big mistake. If he won't leave, Rapture will make sure he's as uncomfortable there as can be. She quickly pounces on him, pinning him down with her massive weight. Rapture binds his hands with Duct Tape and begins to grind her sharp high hell into his cock & balls. As he begins to moan, Rapture grows more annoyed. Shoving her entire hand in his mouth, and when that doesn't work, smothering him with her tits, he is soon quiet. The cock torture continues as Rapture digs her heels deep into it. She continues to smother him, this time adding in some hard face slaps. Something tells us he won't be coming back anymore after this.



Date: Mar 26

Rapture's slave has been a good boy. After noticing and commenting to her how tight and toned her muscles look, she decides to give him a treat. Using those very same muscles he is admiring, she decides to wrap & flex them around his cock. Starting with her 15"biceps, Rapture puts him in between her peaks & forearm, creating a tight fit. His cock lubed and ready to go, she fucks it for an extended period of time, causing him to moan in ecstasy. With Rapture's thighs being so big, you can hardly see his cock as she wraps those massive tree trunks around him, instructing him to fuck them as if they were her pussy. She sits on his face smothering him with that ass of hers while bending over & allowing him to fuck her tits. No treat would be complete without release, and Rapture happily indulges him, giving her slave a top notch hand job until he cums all over himself





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