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Muscle Goddess and Mixed Fighting Superstar, Miss Rapture, welcomes you to her site!

Join today for unbeatable femdom, muscle worship, ballbusting, and mixed fighting content.


Date: Dec 14

Horny Rapture wants some dick. Unfortunately for her, there's an apparent dick shortage where she lives. In a nostalgic mood, she decides to go old-school and breaks out her trusty Hitachi.The unmistakeable buzzing sound of Rapture's vibrator fills the room, as you're treated to an up-close and personal shot of her beautifully pink pussy. Her clit is on full display, as Rapture begins to satisfy herself. Spreading her lips wide open, we are able to watch as Rapture's pussy begins to salivate. Now completely wet & turned on, her pussy juice coats the end of the Hitachi. Running it over every inch of the pussy you wish you could be in, she teases & denies herself full satisfaction. Finally, unable to hold herself back any longer, she explodes, squirting that delicious pussy nectar all over you.



Date: Dec 11

Goddess Rapture continues to have her fun with you... You did in fact hired her for a private session, so you must enjoy & endure her dominant behavior. She loves her big black dildo... so much that she wants to share it with you and only you. She wants to fuck you with it and make you her submissive bitch. You suck her big black dick, you let her fuck you with it, and you obey her every command. Welcome to Rapture's domain... She is your queen, your god, your owner.



Date: Dec 08

Rapture's had a long day at the office. After stepping out to take a break, she returns to find some creepy guy just loitering around. She informs him that the office is closed, but he pays her no mind. Big mistake. If he won't leave, Rapture will make sure he's as uncomfortable there as can be. She quickly pounces on him, pinning him down with her massive weight. Rapture binds his hands with Duct Tape and begins to grind her sharp high hell into his cock & balls. As he begins to moan, Rapture grows more annoyed. Shoving her entire hand in his mouth, and when that doesn't work, smothering him with her tits, he is soon quiet. The cock torture continues as Rapture digs her heels deep into it. She continues to smother him, this time adding in some hard face slaps. Something tells us he won't be coming back anymore after this.



Date: Dec 05

Rapture sucks your cock while you watch.



Date: Dec 02

Rapture standing at 6 foot 3 goes in to the doctors for a check up but rapture finds her self attracted to the doctor .Rapture begins to size her up to dominate her and lift her with ease. With every lift rapture gets turn on and begins to get turn on from lifting doctor molly. Rapture lifts her so much rapture cums from all the excitement.



Date: Nov 29

Rapture and Kris Facesitting and Blowjob Adventure



Date: Nov 26

Rapture Gets Tied And Fucked



Date: Nov 20

Rapture and Brandi outdoor armwrestling contest



Date: Nov 14

Harley Quinn, by far, is the hottest most bad ass superhero. Now imagine her as Rapture. Muscles bulging everywhere, those powerful thighs, beautiful size 9 feet, and huge tight ass.You don't deserve to be in her presence, let alone worship her. This is your one & only chance. So sit there on the floor, at her feet, and listen to every command she gives you. Admire the perfection that is her body. From head to toe, one by one, you'll be allowed to worship and lick your Goddess as she flexes & poses for you. Feel your cock getting harder. The bulge in your pants growing by the moment. Keep t in there and your hands off until you are finally given permission to touch. Then stroke it. Stroke it to your Goddess exactly how she tells you to. Jerking that throbbing cock on your knees. Until you are finally allowed to cum



Date: Nov 08

What's the point of getting a pedicure if you can't show it off to anyone? While some girls might wear sandals to do so, Rapture has another idea in mind. Being that she's in a giving mood, she has decided to give all of you a treat. Breaking out her favorite, massive dildo, she slowly removes her shoes, exposing her perfectly arched size 9 feet. After putting said dildo on the foot rest in front of her, she seductively lays back in her chair, those massive tits on full display. As she wraps her freshly sculpted feet around the dildo, you begin to wish it was you. Wish it was you that she was slowly jerking your throbbing cock off to. With perfect technique, Rapture makes sure to rub every part of her cock. She squeezes it over & over, before putting it in her mouth for a little lube. Knowing that you are now thoroughly turned on, she tells you in explicit detail what she would do if it were your cock under her feet. Finally ready to explode, Rapture instructs you on how to do so, all the while never skipping a beat giving the best foot job you've ever seen.





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