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Muscle Goddess and Mixed Fighting Superstar, Miss Rapture, welcomes you to her site!

Join today for unbeatable femdom, muscle worship, ballbusting, and mixed fighting content.


Date: Jan 19

Nerdy, tiny, pathetic, little Rapture is tired of being picked on everyday because of her size and look. All she constantly hears is negative things about her and she can't take it anymore. Unsure of what to do, and willing to try anything, she stumbles across a magic potion from the town's witch doctor, that promises to totally transform her. In a desperate attempt to rid herself of all the torment, Rapture drinks the potion, unsure of what the results will be. As she attempts to stand up, she finds herself unable to and on the floor. She's only out for a few minutes, but when she awakens she immediately notices differences in her body. Her tits are now massive, she is ripped with muscles, and her legs continue to grow and grow. Slowly rising, we catch our first glimpse of the new Rapture. Towering high over you, she wastes no time embracing her new body. She rips of her shirt and shorts, exposing massive arms, shoulders, and legs. Finally able to defend herself, she lashes out at everyone who has made fun of her in the past. Teasing them with her beautifully sculpted naked body, she minces no words. During her tirade she notices you cowering in the corner. Eager to make you her first victim, she commands you to crawl over to her and lay between her legs. Trapped between her feet, she makes you admire her height, flexing everyone of those rock hard muscles for you. Growing tired of you, she lives up to her threats, stomping you , while you lay there helpless.



Date: Jan 16

Rapture's slave has been a good boy. After noticing and commenting to her how tight and toned her muscles look, she decides to give him a treat. Using those very same muscles he is admiring, she decides to wrap & flex them around his cock. Starting with her 15"biceps, Rapture puts him in between her peaks & forearm, creating a tight fit. His cock lubed and ready to go, she fucks it for an extended period of time, causing him to moan in ecstasy. With Rapture's thighs being so big, you can hardly see his cock as she wraps those massive tree trunks around him, instructing him to fuck them as if they were her pussy. She sits on his face smothering him with that ass of hers while bending over & allowing him to fuck her tits. No treat would be complete without release, and Rapture happily indulges him, giving her slave a top notch hand job until he cums all over himself



Date: Jan 13

In the second installment of the Rapture & Brandi Mae series, we find them once again up to no good. After tricking poor Kris into letting them tie him to an authentic Saint Andrews Cross, they begin their fun. Dressed in outfits that fully accentuate their perfect bodies, they begin to slowly & seductively tease him. Licking him from his neck, nipples, and all the way down to his cock, the Goddesses get him more & more excited. After creating a huge bulge in his pants, they begin to focus their energy on it. They bite his cock, suck it through his pants, and stroke it over and over. Now fully turned on, they begin to torture it. His throbbing cock is kneed repeatedly, punched, smacked, and beaten with whips & canes. Switching back & forth between pleasure and pain, they bring him to the brink of explosion. Unfortunately for Kris, they are there for their own pleasure, not his. Not allowing him to cum, Kris had the worst case of blue balls for the next 3 days.



Date: Jan 10

Rapture standing at 6 foot 3 goes in to the doctors for a check up but rapture finds her self attracted to the doctor .Rapture begins to size her up to dominate her and lift her with ease. With every lift rapture gets turn on and begins to get turn on from lifting doctor molly. Rapture lifts her so much rapture cums from all the excitement.



Date: Jan 07

It's Fluffy the slaves birthday surprise. Rapture decides to give him just what he deserves. A big fat dick right in his ass. She fucks Fluffy hard & slow, as he moans and begs Goddess Rapture for more ass fucking. Rapture gives it to him until she cums, then decides to light a birthday candle in his ass and make him blow it out. Rapture can be such a mean bitch



Date: Jan 04

All Goddess Rapture wanted to do was enjoy a peaceful afternoon, while reading a good book. Unfortunately for her, Rapture's roommate Jenevive, had different plans in mind. Both well blessed with some of the biggest & prettiest boobs in the world, seem to have some disagreement as to who's boobs are better. Jenevieve, barges in on Rapture, insisting her double I boobs are better than Rapture's double D's, and challenges her to a tit fight. They take turns squeezing each other's massive tits. When they tire of that, they go into an all out boob fight. They smack them against each other, and take turns grabbing, groping, kissing, and sucking on them . Try as hard as they do to fight, they eventually both start to get turned on. They begin to kiss each other and slowly go back and forth licking and sucking on the other's ones boob. This clip ends off with the hottest boob worship and sucking scenes we've ever seen. Buy the clip so you can choose for yourself who has the best boobs.



Date: Jan 01

Rapture\'s golden glove boxing POV



Date: Dec 29

Just when we think the true Muscular Goddess Rapture can't get any stronger, she amazes us all. After extra time in the gym, her body is even more perfectly chiseled. She begins by treating us to a full body workout. We get to watch as her biceps, shoulders, pecs, and massive legs are all trained and brought to a full pump. Being as strong as she is, she runs out of weight thats any challenge for her. Using the most convenient thing in sight, she decides to use 205 pound Kris. Replacing him with her weights, she continues her workout. She curls him. Bearhugs him, Fireman carries and airplane spin him. And dare we say press him?? Any and every move she done on a puny girl, she does twice as well on a guy twice their weight. Strong. As. Fuck. Your Goddess Rapture.



Date: Dec 26

Kris has some good friends. Out for his bachelor party, his friends have treated him to a private lap dance by the stunning Muscle Goddess Rapture. Slutted out in the tiniest of briefs, a crop top that exposes her massive tits, and a pair of knee high boots, she slowly begins to grind herself on him. Rubbing her tits on his face & her ass on his chest, it is clear that Kris is enjoying himself. She plants her perfect ass on his by now throbbing cock, bouncing up and down on it, before turning around and attempting to fuck him through his shorts. Thoroughly happy with herself, and if that wasn't enough, she strips all her clothes off and repeats it over again. While Kris seems to be having fun, his true desires eventually come out. After being caught smelling Rapture's arm pits, and being warned to stop, he continues. Rapture, not too keen on men not listening to her, decides to teach him a lesson. She forces his face into her sweaty armpit. Kris is made to smell, kiss, and lick her freshly shaven, yet stinky pits. She strokes his cock as he is forced to worship them, licking away any remaining drops of sweat. Seeing that he is unable to contain himself and about to explode, Rapture once again shows she gives zero fucks about men; abruptly getting off of him and leaving him there. Alone and wondering what just happened



Date: Dec 23

Sexy Rapture spent all day shopping to find the perfect pair of sexy nylons. Excited to bring them home and try them on for her boyfriend, she wastes no time in changing and surprising him on the couch. Instead of the compliments she was expecting, this jerk tells her they're ugly & make her look fat. Flabbergasted and enraged, she immediately unleashes her fury on the poor guy. Planting that beautifully sculpted ass on his face, she smothers him, with forward & reverse face sitting. She grinds his face raw with the nylons, fucking it harder and harder. Determined he enjoy every inch of the nylons, she moves to some crushing head scissors. Rapture shows no mercy, using her massive thighs to almost bring him to the point of unconsciousness. The onslaught continues as she kneels on his throat, crushing his neck and windpipe. Once her pathetic boyfriend is gasping for air, she plants her ass on his cock and demands he worship er size 9 nyloned feet. He is forced to lick, kiss, and smell them. Her lesson in destruction only comes to an end after he apologies over & over; letting her know what a true Muscular Goddess she is.





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