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Muscle Goddess and Mixed Fighting Superstar, Miss Rapture, welcomes you to her site!

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Date: Jun 25

Rapture & Savannah are sitting around a party making small talk, when Rapture starts talking about the gym. Savannah comments that it looks like Rapture lives in the gym, and that she wishes that she could also get that muscular. Rapture tells her that she can, and that part of her workout is her lifting people. Savannah is in awe of Rapture, and asks her to show her how she does it. Rapture starts out by putting Savannah in a fireman's carry, and lifts her up with ease. Savannah then asks her to pick her up a different way, and Rapture places her n a snug bear hug, and lifts her off of the ground. Rapture puts Savannah in quite a few more carries, while Savannah marvels at Rapture's strength & the size of her muscles. The clip ends with Rapture posing & showing off her muscular body.



Date: Jun 22

A burglar (Masked Man) was given leads to a home that was supposedly filled with tons of jewelry and money. As he approached the home, there were no signs of locks, cameras or any other anti theft gadgets. Thinking that this would be an easy breaking & entering, he quickly enters the home without much thought and starts looting. After getting all that he had needed, the Masked Man got thirsty and decided to steal something to drink out of the fridge. After 5 minutes went by, he soon became dizzy and fell asleep. A few hours have passed, and he is then woken up by Scissor Goddess Rapture. As he looks around, he noticed that his hands have been cuffed. Soon enough, Rapture decides to have a little more fun with the burglar...



Date: Jun 19

Scissor Goddess Rapture wants to show you some of her sexy moves of sensual dancing... Just for you.



Date: Jun 16

Maskman's revenge!



Date: Jun 13

Arm wrestling strip contest!



Date: Jun 10



Date: Jun 07

Rapture and Brandi 3some!



Date: Jun 04

Wedgie contest pictures!



Date: Jun 01

Scissor Goddess Rapture wants to show you some of her sexy moves of sensual dancing... Just for you.



Date: May 29

Arm Wrestling Strip contest!





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