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Muscle Goddess and Mixed Fighting Superstar, Miss Rapture, welcomes you to her site!

Join today for unbeatable femdom, muscle worship, ballbusting, and mixed fighting content.


Date: Sep 29

Goddess Rapture continues to have her fun with you... You did in fact hired her for a private session, so you must enjoy & endure her dominant behavior. She loves her big black dildo... so much that she wants to share it with you and only you. She wants to fuck you with it and make you her submissive bitch. You suck her big black dick, you let her fuck you with it, and you obey her every command. Welcome to Rapture's domain... She is your queen, your god, your owner.



Date: Sep 26

Brock was working out one day and minding his own business... until Jenevieve Hexx decided to let herself in to Brock's workout area. They have a long history together: Brock has had a crush on Jenevieve for a very long time. Jenevieve (sadly) knows this and uses this weakness to take advantage of him for her own personal needs & gains. Her goal was simple: Tease him, flirt with him, touch him and get Brock to teach her new work out routines that can help her tone up more to look sexy for her boyfriend. While the Witch was manipulating the poor black man, Brock was in heaven and getting a nice huge boner while Jenevieve does whatever it takes to get what she wants..



Date: Sep 23

Savannah Fox was just minding her own business one day checking emails and such... In comes Rapture, sneaking behind Savannah ready to pounce. Without hesitation, Rapture grabs Savannah's underwear and gave her a nice big wedgie! Savannah screams to this surprise then retaliates & counters by giving Rapture a wedgie in return. The game is on! as both girls are in competition to see who can do the most damage to each other by only giving each other wedgies & Ass spankings! Both Savannah Fox and Goddess Rapture are not holding back in this fierce Wedgie Competition! After a fun but brutal while, Both Rapture & Savannah are now taking it even further by wearing stretchy cotton based panties for easy tugging. Both girls will go even more all out to see whose would rip or tear apart first!



Date: Sep 20

Masked Man's Revenge!



Date: Sep 17



Date: Sep 14

Rapture & Savannah are sitting around a party making small talk, when Rapture starts talking about the gym. Savannah comments that it looks like Rapture lives in the gym, and that she wishes that she could also get that muscular. Rapture tells her that she can, and that part of her workout is her lifting people. Savannah is in awe of Rapture, and asks her to show her how she does it. Rapture starts out by putting Savannah in a fireman's carry, and lifts her up with ease. Savannah then asks her to pick her up a different way, and Rapture places her n a snug bear hug, and lifts her off of the ground. Rapture puts Savannah in quite a few more carries, while Savannah marvels at Rapture's strength & the size of her muscles. The clip ends with Rapture posing & showing off her muscular body.



Date: Sep 11

Goddess Rapture continues to dominate short puny man Dante by trash talking him and doing side by side height comparisons. Rapture loves to be able to tower over any puny man and be able to use them as an arm rest for her own personal pleasure. She also loves to make them kiss her lean big sexy muscles and worship her like a queen. To top it all off, The man must enjoy every single moment of her company & time... no exceptions!



Date: Sep 08



Date: Sep 05

Rapture has a big huge surprise for you all... It is long, thick, hard and ready to please. It is her huge monstrous cock! and Rapture is excited to be able to share it with you. Some girls dream with curiosities on what having a big dick would feel like... but not Rapture, she gets what she wants and cannot wait to come all over you. Watch as she jerks her huge cock, enjoying each stroke of pleasure as it brings her closer to orgasm...



Date: Sep 02

Vampire Mouth Fun!





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