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Date: Mar 06

Rapture is relaxing on the couch when she gets a text from her friend Savannah. Savannah isn't sure if she should trust her fiance, so she asks Rapture to help her out with a little plan. Savannah's fiance, Eli, enters the room & Rapture puts the plan into immediate action. Eli sits down on the couch next to her, and Rapture starts to put the moves on him. She lightly gropes him & confesses that she's always had a little crush on him Eli tells her that his fiance doesn't have to know about anything. Rapture takes the cue , removes her bra & straddles him, rubbing her huge tits in his face. Eli is extremely receptive to this, and soon has his pants off, allowing Rapture to stroke his cock.


Date: Mar 03

Sinn Sage has been wronged by her boyfriend & his brother, and now she's getting her revenge! As the clip starts, Sinn has already given each of them a brutal beatdown, and now she's ready to finish both of them off. She orders her boyfriend, Ricky, to lay down on his back on the couch. Ricky complies & Sinn steps onto the couch, straddling him. Ricky whimpers, but Sinn doesn't care. She lays out of the most brutal BUTT DROPS that she can, on him. She does this several times, and also sits down on his face, smothering him & making it difficult for Ricky to breathe. Sinn works him over for a few more minutes, then she tells him to leave her site & to send his brother Lance into the room. Ricky obeys Sinn, and Lance walks into the room, ready for the second half of his punishment. Sinn brutalizes Lance in much the same way as she did Ricky, leaving him writhing in pain & begging for her to stop.


Date: Mar 01

Eva Long is practicing her cheerleading kicks when she notices her brother hiding behind a curtain, and his dick is hard. Jason begs her not to tell their parents, but Eva isn't so sure. What he was doing was wrong & a bit creepy. Jason keeps begging her, so she makes a deal with him. If he can take 15 of her hardest kicks, she won't tell mom & dad. Jason tries to sweeten the pot by asking his sister if she'll do something extra for him, if he's able to withstand her kicks. Eva thinks about it for a second, then tells Jason that if he can withstand her kicks, not only will she not tell mom & dad, but she'll let him fuck her, too. Jason can't believe it, and he quickly drops his drawers before Eva changes her mind. Eva delivers 15 hard, swift kicks to Jason's balls, and to her surprise, he survived. Jason moves onto the couch, and Eva takes off her clothes showing off her hot body to her brother. She then starts things off by going down on him & sucking his dick for a bit, but quickly moves things along by situating herself onto her brother's very hard dick


Date: Feb 26

Rapture walks into the living room wearing nothing but a pair of shorts & boxing gloves. Her step-dad asks her why she's topless, and she explains that she always trains that way. Actually, she's usually naked, but today she is topless. He tells her to put a shirt on, and Rapture tells him to make her, so he pushes her. "Really?", she says. Rapture comes at him full force, punching him the the stomach, giving him one brutal beatdown. She gets him onto the couch, where she sits on him & punches his large belly over & over again.


Date: Feb 23

Lance is trying to teach his girlfriend, Lady Jayden Payne, the fine art of self-defense, but she tells him that she doesn't need it. She already knows crazy, so why would she need to learn karate? Lance tells her that it will never work, but Jayden is determined to overpower him with her size 10 ebony feet. She teases him with her foot, caressing his neck, trying to catch him off guard. Then, without warning, she shoves her foot directly into his mouth. Knowing that he's starting to feel powerless, Jayden orders him to kneel on the floor & stare at her ass. Lance complies, and as soon as she has him right where she wants him, Jayden shoves her ass in his face, smothering him & cutting off his air passages. Lance struggles and fights, but just can't break loose. Finally, he falls tot he floor, defeated. He tells Jayden to just forget about the karate, and as long as she can overpower a man with her ass, she'll be fine


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