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Date: Sep 24

In the second installment of the Rapture & Brandi Mae series, we find them once again up to no good. After tricking poor Kris into letting them tie him to an authentic Saint Andrews Cross, they begin their fun. Dressed in outfits that fully accentuate their perfect bodies, they begin to slowly & seductively tease him. Licking him from his neck, nipples, and all the way down to his cock, the Goddesses get him more & more excited. After creating a huge bulge in his pants, they begin to focus their energy on it. They bite his cock, suck it through his pants, and stroke it over and over. Now fully turned on, they begin to torture it. His throbbing cock is kneed repeatedly, punched, smacked, and beaten with whips & canes. Switching back & forth between pleasure and pain, they bring him to the brink of explosion. Unfortunately for Kris, they are there for their own pleasure, not his. Not allowing him to cum, Kris had the worst case of blue balls for the next 3 days.


Date: Sep 21

Just trying to get a job, Rapture answers an ad for a wrestling company that is holding auditions. Not having any idea who he is speaking to, the company's employee tells her to come down and try out. Showing up in regular clothes, that do not excentuate her phenomenally sculpted physique, Rapture is mocked, both for the way she looks and the fact that she's a woman. After enduring this loser's rude comments, Rapture hops at the chance to beat him at his proposed challenge. What follows in the totally nude, 3 event competition, is a perfect example of why there is no one as strong & powerful as Rapture. In the 1st event, weightlifting, Rapture easily puts any doubts to bed. In a head-to-head shoulder pressing contest, Rapture uses her massive tits & shoulders to demolish her tormenter, as well as to let him know what he is in store for. Being the sore loser he is, defeat is not taken easily. He quickly challenges Rapture to an arm wrestling contest. Using both her strong and weak(as if there is one) arm, Rapture's are on full display. We watch her arms bulge & peak as she manhandles him. Coming to the conclusion of this event, we are treated to a 20 minute wrestling bout where Rapture can showcase her brute strength. She beats the out of this poor guy, rag dolling him to her hearts content. Putting him in various, scissors, chokes, and locks, Rapture forces her victim to submit over, and, over, and over again... Finally KOing him, she stands above her defeated opponent and slowly & seductively poses, letting us drool over each individual muscle, proving once & for all that she is the true Muscle Goddess.


Date: Sep 18

Horny Rapture wants some dick. Unfortunately for her, there's an apparent dick shortage where she lives. In a nostalgic mood, she decides to go old-school and breaks out her trusty Hitachi.The unmistakeable buzzing sound of Rapture's vibrator fills the room, as you're treated to an up-close and personal shot of her beautifully pink pussy. Her clit is on full display, as Rapture begins to satisfy herself. Spreading her lips wide open, we are able to watch as Rapture's pussy begins to salivate. Now completely wet & turned on, her pussy juice coats the end of the Hitachi. Running it over every inch of the pussy you wish you could be in, she teases & denies herself full satisfaction. Finally, unable to hold herself back any longer, she explodes, squirting that delicious pussy nectar all over you.


Date: Sep 12

You're a dirty little bitch. A dirty little bitch who deserves to lay at your Muscle Goddess' feet and be spat on. Over and over again. Your face dripping with saliva from the Goddess you worship, you are humiliated and told what a worthless, pathetic, little man you are. You are shown what true power is. What rock hard muscles look like. Look at my massive tits bouncing up and down. Gaze in wonder at my huge ass & tight pussy as they hover above your puny body.Every time you think its over, you are once again spat on. They become more frequent; the humiliation more degrading. You're a dirty little bitch on his back who made the mistake of trying to stand up and touch your Goddess. You're now an dirty little spit bitch, rendered helpless after a solid right hook, laying in a pool of sweet Rapture saliva. Bitch.


Date: Sep 09

All Goddess Rapture wanted to do was enjoy a peaceful afternoon, while reading a good book. Unfortunately for her, Rapture's roommate Jenevive, had different plans in mind. Both well blessed with some of the biggest & prettiest boobs in the world, seem to have some disagreement as to who's boobs are better. Jenevieve, barges in on Rapture, insisting her double I boobs are better than Rapture's double D's, and challenges her to a tit fight. They take turns squeezing each other's massive tits. When they tire of that, they go into an all out boob fight. They smack them against each other, and take turns grabbing, groping, kissing, and sucking on them . Try as hard as they do to fight, they eventually both start to get turned on. They begin to kiss each other and slowly go back and forth licking and sucking on the other's ones boob. This clip ends off with the hottest boob worship and sucking scenes we've ever seen. Buy the clip so you can choose for yourself who has the best boobs.


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