A Piggyback For Preggy

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Muscle Goddess Rapture wanted a new Lift and Carry challenge. So… she decides to lift the now pregnant and oh so hot Skylar Rene. Skylar is already a rock solid Goddess, so the extra curves should be a good challenge for Rapture. Skylar starts by hopping on Rapture’s back for a piggyback ride around the room. All this lifting action has both girls hot, and they soon remove their tops, exposing their perfect tits. The 2 Goddesses smash their tits together before Rapture begins lifting Skylar by her perfect ass. Rapture squeezes Skylar’s cheeks tight as she picks her up off the floor. Rapture transitions into some elbow lifts, her muscles now fully pumped. As the 2 take a quick break for Skylar to worship Rapture’s muscles, they decide to end things off with a sexy cradle. Skylar sits in Rapture’s lap, their bodies pressed together, as Rapture stands up, cradling Skylar in her arms like a little baby.

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