Batman and Robin Lift & Carry

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Batgirl’s bat phone is ringing off the hook. No need to worry, her trusty sidekick Robin is always ready to go. Except today. Today, Robin just wants to Netflix and chill. Batgirl has no time for Robin’s fuckery, and decides to convince her to come out and help. Batgirl demonstrates just how strong she is as she lifts Robin off her feet. There are fireman carries, cradles, leg lifts, and more. Batgirl even bench presses Robin, who weighs in at a solid 150 lbs. Robin marvels at her partner’s muscles, worshiping them while Batgirl flexes. As she spins Robin around, it seems nothing is able to persuade her friend to come ut and help. After another round of piggybacks, back squats, and bearhugs, it seems Robin is finally getting the message.

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