Bending Steel – Kortney Olson Edition

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Kortney Olson is built like a tank. While she lifts weights religiously and is a blue belt in BJJ, all that muscle makes it hard to be flexible. After making Goddess Rapture angry during an argument, Rapture decides to use this against her.

She surprises Kortney, who is laying down on her stomach, and and mounts and pins her. With the control she now has, rapture decides she wants some more. She stuffs Kortney’s mouth with aball gag, then handcuffs her hands behind ner back.

A now helpless Kortney must submit and take the pain from any move Rapture wants to put her in. Using Boston Crabs and Camel Clutches, Rapture makes Kortney bend in the most uncomfortable of ways. Kortney is drooling from the ball gag, and Rapture mocks her as she finishes bending her.

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