Bending Steel

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Brandi Mae is a hard as steel bundle of muscle. She made the mistake of pissing Rapture off, and now it’s time for her punishment. They say steel doesn’t bend, but Rapture is going to do her best with Brandi. Rapture ball gags Brandi, and ties her hands behind her back. WIth Brandi laying on her stomach, Rapture sits on top of her, placing Brandi in a painful Camel Clutch. Rapture puts as much pressure on the small of Brandi’s back while pulling up on her chin, for maximum discomfort.

After Brandi has suffered in a camel clutch, Rapture turns her around, and puts her in a Boston Crab. Rapture grabs Brandi’s legs and sits back heavy, exposing Brandi’s bare pussy to the world. Rapture is trash talking the entire tine, with the occasional pussy slap, to make sure Brandi’s still paying attention.

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