Bending The Knee

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Rapture’s new leather dress and gloves have arrived, giving her the perfect excuse to break them in on her slave. With her slave at her feet, Rapture begins to punish him. She loves the sound leather makes against the face, and she smacks her slave as hard as she can. His face begins to swell after the first few slaps, but Rapture doesn’t care. She makes him worship her shoes and feet, then kicks him in the face. Rapture humiliates him by spitting on the floor, and making him clean it as she steps on his head. Her slave is forced to spread his legs as Rapture kicks him hard in the balls. Rapture uses him as furniture, making him worship her as she rides his back. She spits in his mouth, then finger fucks it, making sure he swallows all her spit.Knees to the face, and some more hard slapping bring the slave’s punishment to a merciful end.

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