Big Boob Battle

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It’s no secret that both Rapture and Goldie have HUGE tits. Rapture’s rocking solid DD’s while Goldie has her beat slightly with her GG’s. Each girl thinks they have better tits and decide to battle it out to see who’s are stronger. Goldie starts things off by scratching Rapture’s abs so hard they look like she was attacked by Freddy Krueger. Things quickly escalate with both girls smashing their tits against each other. The tit smothering battle is constant with both girls motor boarding the other, as well. They punch each others boobs, hard, and beat each others faces with them. Rapture finally catches Goldie in a deep boob smother rendering her unawake, at which point Rapture begins to fondle the napping Goldie’s pussy before leaving her prone on the couch.

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