Big Boss Rapture – 4K

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Rapture’s fed up with her lazy employee. When she threatens to fire him and he laughs at her, it pushes her over the edge. Throwing her phone to the floor, Rapture grabs his throat and picks him up by it. After letting him struggle for a minute, she drops him to the floor and puts him in a tight pair head scissors. Rapture transitions to a reverse scissor, then stands above him, digging heel into his stomach.

Her employee is angry now, and as he gets up, he starts to punch Rapture in the stomach. His shots don’t phase her, and Rapture catches a punch and pushes him against a wall. She smothers him with her DD tits, then picks him off the floor in a tight bearhug. As he drops to the floor again, Rapture applies a variety of lethal scissors. She then squeezes his head between her arms, trying to pop it like a melon.

The employee is given one last chance for redemption. Rapture has him try and push her back, but she won’t budge. Defeated, the employee is made to worship her feet and muscles. Rapture finishes him off with 1 last throat hold up against the wall, dropping his lifeless body to the ground once he’s out.

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