Bitch Better Have My Money – 4K

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Lilly Ice and Rapture get their Too Short on when they arrive at Brandi’s house and demand she pay them money owed. After refusing pay, both girls attack Brandi. The put her in full nelsons and bearhugs, then tie her up. They both tit smother Brandi and pussy slap her, before leaving her tied up on the floor.

Fast forward 30 minutes, and Brandi has now freed herself. When Rapture comes back in the room, Brandi ambushes her. She puts her to sleep, then ties her up. Lily comes back in, and seeing Rapture, wonders what just happened. She soon finds out as Brandi attacks her and repeats what she did to Rapture. Brandi leaves them both sleeping and tied up on the floor, while giving them so choice words.

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