Bitch, PLZ?! – 4K

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Rapture and Brandi are getting ready to go out to the bar. As they’re about to head out, they both notice they’re wearing the same outfit. The 2 argue about who looks better, and who needs to go and change. Neither girl gives in, and after Brandi shoves Rapture, the catfight is on. Both girls slap and kick each other, rolling around on the floor, as they try and pull the other’s hair out. They end up tearing off each other’s pants, and now bottomless, smack each other’s asses and tits.

Brandi suggests they take the fight outside, and as soon as they do, Brandi wets Rapture with the hose. Rapture snatches the hose from Brandi and returns the favor, both girls’ tits now showing through their wet shirts. They are both still angry, and tear each other’s shirts off, before storming back into the house to get dressed again.

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