Bowzette’s Dangerous Dungeon

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There’s trouble in Super Mario Land. Bowser has put on a special crown that transformed him into a version of Princess Peach. After spending time with Mario, Princess Peach became jealous, and sent her minions from the mushroom kingdom to “rescue Mario.” Bowsette has put a stop to them by shrinking them down to little gummies. Now it’s time to make them pay.

Bowsette is ready to send them down to the most dangerous dungeon; her stomach. 1 by 1, she swallows them, her chin up in the air so you can see each 1 slide down her throat. After every few, Bowsette stands up and traces the path of the gummy from her neck, down to her stomach. Each gummy gives her more power as it’s absorbed in her stomach. After eating all of them, she chugs an entire bottle of water. Doing a little dance, she sloshes that liquid around her stomach, making sure they are all stuck down there forever.

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