Brandi Bound and Banged By Burglars

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Rapture and MJ have broken into world famous MMA star Brandi Mae’s house. The house is huge, and the 2 split up to look for the goods. As Rapture is looting the bedroom, she hears Brandi come home and up to the room. Rapture hides behind the bed as Brandi comes in and strips down, then attacks Brandi with her rag.Brandi is too well trained, and overpowers Rapture. Hearing the commotion, MJ hurries upstairs to help, and together the 2 of them overpower Brandi and put her out.

Brandi wakes up to find herself bound and ball-gagged. Rapture strips her completely naked, then eats Brandi’s pussy. Brandi tries not to cum, but Rapture makes her explode all over her face. Now it’s Rapture’s turn to get off. She sits on Brandi’s face and makes her eat her ass and pussy, until Rapture cums in Brandi’s mouth.

MJ has finished looting the house, and is now back with 2 strapons she has found The 2 place Brandi on Rapture’s face, and Rapture starts eating her pussy again, while MJ fucks her. Both Rapture and Brandi cum from the pleasure. Not done yet, they place Brandi in the doggy style position. Mj fucks Brandi from behind, while Rapture rams her cock down Brandi’s throat. After making Brandi cum one last time, they leave her on the bed and disappear.

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