Brandi Breaks Supergirl

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Photographer Brandi Mae has shot Rapture numerous times. For this shoot, she intends for Rapture to be as slutty as possible. She forces Rapture to go get changed into a skimpy bikini. When Rapture returns, Brandi instructs her to sit on a bench and arch her back as far as she can go. Rapture’s arch doesn’t satisfy Brandi, and instead of helping Rapture out, Brandi begins to punch her in the stomach. Each hit gets harder, as Brandi tries to punch Rapture into the proper position.

At this point, the photo shoot is cancelled, and Brandi just wants to have her way with Rapture. She rips off Rapture’s bikini top, and starts sucking on her DD tits. Brandi plays and sucks on them for awhile, before moving on to her armpits. She licks them up & down while fondling her biceps. After another barrage of belly punches, Brandi makes Rapture get on her knees and worship her shoes.

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