Breaking The Furniture

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Goddess Rapture got on the scale this morning and was 188 pounds of rock solid muscle. All her jogging and squats have her ass super plump, and she wants to break boys with it. After tying her slave down on the sex chair, Rapture smiles at her victim and gets started.

The first of many butt drops to come are done with her facing her victim. She loves the look on a man’s face as her heavy body comes down full weight on their’s. After a few warmup drops, Rapture goes HAM. Each drop is harder than the other, and she throws in some barrages to keep her victim in constant pain.

Happy thus far, Rapture wants to get some air. She jumps as high as she can and comes down on her victim so hard, the furniture starts to break. Excited at the sound of the snapping wood, Rapture finishes her butt drop session by trying to break the love seat’s frame and her victim’s ribs.

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