Buff Bitch Ball Busting

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It’s been awhile since Goddess Rapture and Brandi Mae have done a tag team ballbusting session. They are excited and it shows on their faces as they have Kris take off his boxers.

With his cock now exposed, they tell him to sit down on the futon and lay his cock on it. They then take turns trampling, kicking, and punching it. Now warmed up, they decide to use their asses to smash his cock and balls. They take turns doing butt and knee drops on it, and follow that up with both of them trampling it at the same time.

Both girls are happy with the pain they’ve inflicted thus far, but are not done yet.They have Kris stand up and while one girl holds his cock out of the way, the other knees his balls. To finish him off, they take turns using his balls as a speed bag, laughing and mocking him until the very end.

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