Buffy Gets Slayed Part I

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Apparently Buffy (Rapture) is not as tough as she thought. She challenged muscular vampire Brandi to a belly punching contest and lost. The 2 girls take turns filling their mouths with water before getting punched in the stomach; trying to keep the water in with each hit. They both fail miserably resulting in water spewing from their mouths and all over each other. Brandi soon gains the upper hand before delivering 1 final blow that knocks Rapture out and down to the floor. Picking up her limp prey, Brandi bites down on her neck, transforming her into a vampire. She restrains Rapture on a chaise and begins to lick her armpits, nipples, tits, and biceps as Rapture begins to change. Rapture is punched non-stop in the stomach, the beating evident by her now bright red stomach. Total. Fucking. Hotness.

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