Can You Cum Before We KO You

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Everybody always says they want to to be knocked out between the thighs or under the ass of Muscle Goddess Rapture. Well today is your lucky day, and to make it even better, she has her rock hard friend Brandi with her. The 2 easily overpower you and throw you on the floor. Laying on your back, you stare up in amazement as the two flex and begin to worship each other’s muscles. Now it’s your turn. They allow you to kiss their bodies from head to toe, before wrapping their powerful thighs around your neck. As they squeeze tightly, they give you the chance to take your cock out and begin to stroke it. If you can cum before they knockout you out, you win. If not, it’s nighty night for you. They switch between head scissors and face sitting, not letting up for 1 second, all the while telling you how to stroke your now throbbing cock.

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