Detective Rapture

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There’s been an alarming number of girls going missing from a small town. Who better to call than Detective Rapture? With a tight black outfit and her sweaty feet in her favorite Nikes, Rapture enters the suspected house where all the disappearances have occurred. After a quick look around, she finds herself tired. Taking off her shoes, she begins to rub her sweaty feet, unaware of the person watching her every move. Rapture quickly finds herself blindfolded & gagged, her breasts exposed, and totally at this stranger’s mercy. A voice commands her to crawl towards an open closet, and Rapture begrudgingly obeys. As she reaches the entrance she is quickly & violently snatched in by an unknown creature. Rapture is eaten alive, her legs flailing around until she is no more, twitching and silent on the floor before you.

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