Dez’s Wrestling Domination

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Dez is a legit BJJ practitioner, holding a purple belt in the martial art. Her half-step-brother, not so much, though he swears he can beat Dez at anything. After easily smoking her in an arm wrestling challenge, he thinks he can carry that winning streak over to a wrestling match. Dez however, quickly shows him the definition of beauty over brawn as she begins total destruction of his body. Dez catches him in choke after choke; rear naked, triangles, and a Darce. To keep her arms from tiring out, she throws in a mix of head & body scissors, making him tap to keep from passing out, after every squeeze of her python-like legs. Always the equal opportunist, she makes sure she arm bars both sides equally. Dez completes his lesson when she almost dislocates his elbow with a Kimora. Complete annihilation by our favorite new girl, Dez.

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