Dinner Is Served

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Chef Rapture is in the kitchen preparing a delicious dinner, when her idiot boyfriend comes home with an In N Out hat on. When questioned as to why he’s wearing it, he states that he wanted some meat, and not the vegan garbage she likes to cook. Now angry, Rapture decides to give him a second serving of her meat.

Rapture commands him to his knees, then turns around and spreads her ass cheeks wide. She instructs him to lick her asshole. First soft, then rough, Rapture wants to feel his tongue inside her tight asshole. Her BF is forced to suck on her meaty pussy next, first sucking on the clit, then putting the whole wet pussy i his mouth.

All that eating must have him thirsty. Rapture lays him down on his back, and pisses down his throat, giving him something to wash down all that asshole & pussy in his mouth.

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