Dirty Judo Feet

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In this custom clip, Rapture is at her Judo class, but has forgotten to take off her dancing heels. Her feet are dirty & very calloused from dancing all night, but it looks like she’s going to have to do her class while wearing them. She starts her practice, then complains that it’s hot & sweaty in that gi, so she removes the top. Rapture resumes her practice, and then realizes that you are watching her. She knows that you’re scared, but she doesn’t care. All she really wants to do is stick her feet in your face. She forces you down on the ground & sticks her high heels in your mouth. Next she removes her heels, and sits down on the couch. She sticks her dirty bare feet in your mouth & tells you to lick her callouses. She verbally humiliates you, and smothers you with her dirty, calloused feet. She knows your dick is getting hard, and that you want to jerk it to her dirty, smelly feet. She encourages you to stroke your little cock, and tells you not to stop until there’s cum everywhere. She reaches down with her feet & starts to give you a foot job with her calloused feet, then she starts to kick you. Finally, Rapture gives you a cum countdown, and you better cum on her demand, all over her dirty, sexy, calloused feet.

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