Do I Make You Wet – 4K

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Sisters Rapture and Lilly Ice are constrained by the regular norms of society. Rapture has always felt her step-sister is attracted to her, and decides to put it to the test. After placing Lilly in a collar restraint, Rapture starts to play with her tits. She licks and sucks them, before kissing on Lilly’s neck. Lilly is wearing purple cotton panties, and Rapture begins to rub her pussy. As she does, you can visibly see Lilly start to get wet. Encouraged, Rapture picks up her vibrator, and starts rubbing it on Lilly’s pussy. Those purple panties are now visibly wet, and Rapture mounts her step-sister. She rides her while continuing to play with her nipples, now with the knowledge of her step-sister’s attraction to her.

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