Dominated by A Muscle Amazon

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Amazon Goddess Rapture stands at an impressive 5’10”tall barefoot. With her favorite red heels on, she’s now a true Giantess, standing at just under 7 feet. Rapture’s slave is much smaller than her, both in height and weight. Rapture’s body is nearly double the size of his, and today she intends to show him just how puny he is.

Rapture calls her slave over and has him stand next to her. She rests her arm on the top of his head, looking down at him while telling him how small he is. They stand back to back, and the top of her slave’s head only comes to her shoulders.

Once Rapture has made it clear that she is much bigger than he is, the humiliation and domination starts. Rapture pulls him tight into her DD tits and smothers him with them. She puts him on his knees and makes him lick and worship her shoes, then has him slowly make his way up from her feet to her ass, making sure he worships every part in between.

They compare muscles and when her slave has the audacity to not tell her how perfect her muscles are, she grabs him by the throat and slams him against the wall. Rapture holds him there while she squeezes his cock, then puts him in a headlock and walks him around the room.

She lifts him off the ground and lets his feet swing and dangle as she ragdolls him. Rapture sets him back down, and removes her bra exposing her huge tits. She repeats the domination sequence again, then puts him in another headlock and drags him away.

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