Down The Hatch II

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Giantess Goddess Rapture is hungry and wants to eat you for lunch. She sees your little body staring up at her, and the fear in your eyes. Rapture tells you to walk over to her huge feet. She makes you worship them, threatening to crush you under them if you don’t listen. You do as you’re told and are scared of what’s coming next.

Rapture then picks you up and dangles you in front of her. She teases you by holding you in front of her open mouth, then puts you in and swallows you whole. Rapture washes you down with a cold soda and you sink down into her stomach.

She is displeased with the way you taste and drinks enough soda to burp you back up. Rapture thinks you’ll taste better as a sandwich, and she puts you in between two slices of bread. She then takes her time eating you. Bite by bite, Rapture tears your body apart with her teeth, swallows you, then washes you down with a sip of her drink. In the end, you end up chewed up and in her stomach with all the other things she’s eaten that day.

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