Fireman Lift and Carry

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Stupid Kai called the Fire Department because he mistakingly thought he had a fire in the house. When they respond, he is shocked to find out that it is none other than Goddess Rapture herself. Wearing her hat and no shirt, she asks where the fire is, only to be told it’s a false alarm. Angry now, Rapture picks Kai off the floor and throws him over her shoulders. She parades around the room with him, switching to a cradle carry before siting him in her lap. Disappointed because she didn’t get to use her hose, Rapture decides to use Kai’s instead. While still in a fireman’s carry, she begins to jerk his cock. Moving to cradling him in her lap, she keeps stroking it. Slow and fast, Rapture gives an amazing hand job. She soon has him moaning before allowing him to cum all over her tight pants.

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