Forced To Lick Goddess Rapture

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Goddess Rapture wants her pussy and asshole to be worshiped. She wants her slave’s full attention, and gets it by wrapping him like a mummy, in saran wrap. Unable to move anything but his head, Rapture lays on her back and calls him over.

She tells him to start sucking on her clit, and he eagerly obeys. His face is unable to move anywhere but in between her legs, and Rapture takes full advantage of it. She has him suck on her muscle clit while licking around it, causing her to cum twice in his mouth.

With her pussy happy, Rapture rolls over and tells him to bury his face in between her ass cheeks. She makes him lick and tongue fuck her tight asshole, sometimes spreading her ass cheeks wide so he can get deep in there. After cumming once again, Rapture leaves him on the floor, still bound and with the scent of her ass and pussy in his airways.

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