Gladiator Domination

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Ricky is lying on the couch reading an online comic about Rapture the Gladiator. He remarks that he really likes her gladiator gloves, and how he wishes that he had a woman like Rapture, in his life. After a bit, Ricky dozes off & just like a dream, Rapture appears. Ricky startles awake, and Rapture wraps a gloved hand over his mouth & tells him to be quiet. She then reaches one of her strong hands down to his crotch & squeezes with all of her might. She tells him that he’s not going to be able to breathe for a while, and only able to breathe when she tells him to. Then, she smothers him with her giant breasts. Raptures sits down onto the couch, orders Ricky to remove his shirt, then shoves her perfect size 9 feet into his face & tells him to worship his Goddess. Ricky does as he is told & worships Rapture’s perfect feet. Soon, Rapture gets bored & orders Ricky to to remove his drawers. Not happy with what he has to show her, Rapture commands him to lay down on the couch. Rapture puts her one foot back in his face while placing her other foot over his small cock, and stepping down hard. She then teases his tiny member while he licks her feet, until she gets bored & leaves.

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