Goddess Rapture vs Layla-Price – The-Rematch

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Layla Price & Goddess Rapture want to go head to head to see who is the best wrestler of all time: Body Builder versus Street-smart athleticism! Rapture thinks she’s got this match won, just because she is taller, bigger, stronger and a well known undefeated champion. Layla however believes that real strength comes from military survival training which is more practical. This gritty real wrestling match is one that you cannot miss! Real sweat, real wrestling, and one epic competition!

All muscle body builder verses street smart survival warrior… The winner will get to do whatever they want to the loser as long as it is humiliating, degrading and fun. Both girls put up a great sweaty fight as each of them have their own weaknesses & strengths; Layla is much more quick and nimble as compared to Rapture who is bulkier and tall. Who will win? you will have to watch to find out for yourself.

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