Goddess Rapture’s Cocksucker

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Goddess Rapture wants her cock sucked, and her slave is going to do it whether he wants to or not. Rapture tells him to get on his knees in front of her. Wearing a tight shiny pair of nylons, her harness, and her strap, Rapture tells him to start sucking her off.

Her slave refuses and immediately is kicked on the face. Rapture kicks and knees him over and over, not holding back as she does so, until he finally agrees to take her cock in his mouth. Rapture makes sure to ram the entire thing  down his mouth, and whenever he gags, he is punished with more knees and kicks to the face.

She makes him continue to suck her cock and lets him know he’s her little cocksucker. This time when he messes up, Rapture pins her foot against his throat and presses and crushes it into the wall with all her weight. When he’s done gagging from that, she makes him suck it one last time, then throws him on the floor and victory poses on his face.

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