Goddess Rapture’s Little Men

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Muscle Giantess Goddess Rapture is an amazon to most men without any heels on. The men she has today are not ordinary though and are tiny compared to her. Wearing her favorite heels, booty shorts, and a bikini top to match, Rapture intends to do whatever she wants with these little men.

She starts by crushing them with her size 9 feet. The hard shoes and their spiked heels completely cover and crush the men as she steps on them one by one. Rapture laughs at how little they are, and decides to give them some lift & carry. She holds them high in the air, threatening to drop them if they don’t behave.

From there, Rapture makes them worship her rock hard biceps and thighs, before smothering them with her breasts. She puts them in between her massive DD tits and makes them worship them, then squeezes them together trapping them inside.Any survivors are then put in Rapture’s mouth and swallowed whole.

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