Goddess Rapture’s Row of Dicks

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Goddess Rapture has broken out her bag of dicks to play with. She wants to claim one as her favorite and has lined them up on the cock box to do so. There are 3 of them. The dragon dick is girthy and 6”, the white monster is 12” and just as girthy, and the BBC is a whopping 16” and is so big it flops over on itself.

Rapture starts by stroking each one with her powerful hands. SHe masterfully strokes it, commenting on how each one feels on her hand. She then moves onto sucking them. She’s able to swallow the dragon dick, but the BBC is too big and makes her gag.

For her final test, Rapture fucks each one. In reverse cowgirl, she sits on and rides each cock to see which one feels the best in her pussy.Her muscle pussy is able to swallow each cock, and in the end, she declares one the winner.

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