Gorilla Lifts and Cuck BJ

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Rapture arrives at her clients home for a session. This house is quiet, as the clients wife is at work. He lets Rapture know he wants a BJ, and wants to think about Rapture gorilla lifting his wife, while she’s sucking him off. After paying, Rapture lays hi out on the kitchen counter and begins to suck his cock.

Halfway through, they’re interrupted by the wife, who has returned home early. When the wife walks in and sees her husband’s cock in Rapture’s mouth, she’s livid. Rapture doesn’t give her a chance to say much, grabbing her by the throat and choking her. She picks up the client’s wife and gorilla presses her over and over, threatening to drop her on her face.

Gorilla lifts done, Rapture grabs the wife by the throat again, and pulls her over to the husband, who is still laying on the counter. Rapture then forces her watch, as she sucks his cock until he explodes in her mouth

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