Gym Wars – Dez vs Kris – Round 3

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Kris is 0-2 in his previous wrestling matches with Dez Desire. He’s been hitting the gym extra hard, and thinks his added muscle will give him an edge this time. Thick as he may be, Dez is a skilled BJJ blue belt, so those muscles mean nothing. Dez puts on a clinic of ground work, twisting his body and manipulating his joints in all sorts of painful positions. From chokes, to arm bars, & body locks, Kris finds himself tapping repeatedly. Apparently this annoys Dez, who starts to ignore his taps. She almost chokes him out numerous times, showing mercy and letting go as his eyes roll back into his head. Wanting to give him something to think about next time he wants to challenge her, Dez puts him in a Twister, causing him to yell in pain as his back audibly explodes from within. Throw in an ankle lock and bitch slap, and Kris is left with a new record of 0-3.

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