Hold My Fuck, Cuck

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Goddess Rapture’s lover made her a life size mold of his cock and balls, and sent it to her so she can have him when he’s not around. She finds herself horny and thinking about him, and breaks it out to start sucking its cock. As she’s doing this, her husband walks in and angrily asks her what she’s doing.

Rapture tells him to shut up and come lay down on the futon. She makes him hold the torso, and tells him to watch as she starts sucking it off again. Rapture tells her husband that his cock sucks, and she’s going to show him what she does with her lover’s cock.

She puts some lube on it and begins to stroke it up and down.Her pussy is now soaking wet, and Rapture tells her husband to watch as she slides the other guy’s cock into her pussy. Rapture swallows the entire cock as she rides it, then tells her husband to take his pathetic cock out. Rapture begins to blow her husband and tells him to hold her lover’s cock in his hand. She then fucks both of the cocks and tells her husband, then walks away to call her lover.

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