I Control You – 4K

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Rapture’s slave talked back to her, and now she must remind him who is in control. She strips him down and shackles him to the bed. Rapture makes it known she’s going to humiliate him, and make him do whatever she wants. She grabs some lube, and begins stroking his cock while making him smell and lick her cum covered heels. She sucks his cock and spits all the juices into his mouth, then grabs her dildo. Rapture fucks her pussy with it until it’s nice and wet, then makes her slave suck all of it off. Her dildo clean, Rapture goes back to giving him a HJ, this time making him lick the dirt off the bottom of her bare feet. She pulls her panties to the side, sits on her slave’s face, and makes him lick all the lube off. Nearing the end, rapture puts her heels back on, and digs and drags them on his cock and balls. 1 final fucking of his mouth, washed down with some spit, and Rapture’s slave is back to knowing where he belongs.

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