Jennifer Thomas vs Brandi Mae – Bending Steel Edition

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It seems the bigger and buffer Brandi Mae gets, the more people want to try to bend and break her. Goddess Rapture is usually the one doing the breaking, but today she has enlisted Jennifer Thomas to do her dirty work.

Jennifer has lured Brandi over to her wrestling ring with the guise of a photo shoot, but once in the ring, Brandi quickly finds out that no photos will be taken that day. Jen attacks a surprised Brandi, but is quickly taken down and placed in between Brandi’s thick muscular thighs. Not sure what is going on, Brandi isn’t squeezing as hard as she can, and Jen uses this mistake as a way to escape.

Once free, Jen quickly puts Brandi on her back with a fireman carry slam. Brandi grabs her back, and is in instant pain. Jen picks her up, throws her into the corner, and punches her in the stomach until she is bent over trying to catch her breath.

Jen uses this position to snap suplex Brandi to tha mats, then proceeds to put her through a gauntlet of boston crabs, camel clutches, bak breakers, and bodyslams. Once again, Brandi finds herself stuck on the floor for an extended period of time; unable to get up from all the intense back pain.

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