Keeping It Gangsta

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Rapture and Brandi are two badass Muscle Goddesses. Alone, they’re able to take an almost anybody, but put the two of them together, and they’re unstoppable. Tired of all these little men talking garbage, they decide to capture one forcefully. Pulling his little ass up off his feet by the back of his shirt, they dangle him in front of them. The taunt his small size and threaten him with their chiseled muscles. The girls have quite a laugh when they pull his little cock out, telling him it’s so small it wouldn’t even fit in them. They smash him between their huge tits before squeezing him in the crease of their mountainous biceps. He’s smothered by their asses; put right in the middle of each of them and totally disappearing. All the while, each girl is constantly flexing and showing off their perfect bodies while the other worships it. After a prolonged smashing, Rapture & Brandi send him off to warn all his little friends that they are not to be fucked with.

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