Kortney vs Agatha – Topless Neck Breaker Match

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Agatha Delicious gives zero fucks about Kortney Olson being twice her size. She doesn’t take any lip from anybody, so when Kortney starts trash talking, it’s on.

The two take it to the ground where Agatha finds herself mounted by Kortney. She decides to rip off Kortney’s top as a distraction, allowing her to get the sweep and put Kortney on her back. With Agatha now in her guard, Kortney begins to squeeze Agatha’s body with her massive thighs. She returns the favor by tearing Agatha’s top off before she is sucker punched in the stomach. Agatha seizes the opportunity to finish off Kortney, and puts her to rest by snapping her neck.

Upon awakening, Kortney is ready for some get back. She bearhugs Agatha and lifts her off the ground. Try as she might, Kortney is too strong for Agatha. She squeezes until Agatha is dizzy, then lets go to dish out her own neck breaker. With an audible crack, Agatha’s neck is snapped, and she falls onto Kortney’s shoulder and is carried away.

Neither of these girls likes to lose, and the match continues on once Agatha has regained her senses. More bearhugs and scissors are applied, all finishing with a neck breaker until the two end up putting each other out at the same time.Dazed and confused, they lay on the floor unable to move from exhaustion.

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