Lifting Away Her Sins

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Rapture and Syren went to the same Catholic School. Problem is, Syren was a bully to little Rapture. Fast Forward a few years, and Rapture is little no more. The 2 bump into each other at a reunion. Wearing their old uniforms, Rapture barely fits into hers, as she all tits and muscle. She decides to teach Syren what it feels like to be weak and powerless. Rapture begins to lift Syren and carry her around the room. She cradles her, places her in bearhugs, and throws her over the shoulder for some squats. Rapture hangs her upside down before taking off both their tops. Syren is amazed by Rapture’s strength and offers little resistance, hanging limp as Rapture manhandles her. Rapture sits Syren on her shoulders, lifting her high into the air, while she walks around the room. She makes SYren worship her muscles and her ass before lifting her again. By the end, Rapture has made sure Syren feels as weak as she made Rapture feel in high school.

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