Lifting My Boxing Coach

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Rapture’s ground game is top notch. To be the perfect fighting machine, she now wants to perfect her boxing. She goes to Coach Goldie, whom she’s heard is the best, for some personal training. After a few minutes of drills and hitting the mitts, Rapture is very unimpressed with Goldie’s teaching abilities, She tears off her boxing gloves and lifts her coach up in the air. As Rapture berates her, Goldie is lifted in bearhugs, OTS, fireman carries, and piggy backs. Rapture is so mad at Goldie, she picks her up, slams her against the wall, and holds her there while talking smack to her. In the end, Goldie can take no more lifting or spinning, and is rendered motionless; a foot stool for Rapture to victory pose on.

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