Making Us Both Cum – 4K

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Rapture has broken into Brandi Mae’s house to steal her stuff. When Brandi comes home early, Rapture ambushes her. She gags Brandi, and binds her hands and feet with duct tape. No longer interested in Brandi’s possessions, Rapture now wants Brandi’s pussy.

She ties a vibrator to Brandi’s muscle pussy, and leaves it there until she cums all over it.Her pussy nice and wet, Rapture goes down on Brandi, before breaking out her strap on, and fucking Brandi with it. After making Brandi cum again, it’s Rapture’s turn. She sits on Brandi’s face, and makes her eat her ass and pussy, until she cums in Brandi’s mouth. Once done, she puts nipple clamps on Brandi’s tits, clothespins on her pussy lips, and once again duct tapes the vibrator to Brandi, leaving her there to cum over & over.

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