Mesmerized Muscles – 4K

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Rapture and Brandi Mae both work as henchwomen for the same crime boss. After finding the secret contraption they’ve been looking hard for, they both want to take credit. Rapture devises an evil plan, telling Brandi that whoever can drink more of the special liquid in front of them, can tell the boss they found it. They both take sips and wait to see what happens.

After some time passes, Rapture hears Brandi snoring. She goes over to check on her, and as she takes off Brandi’s sunglasses, notices the drool coming out of Brandi’s mouth. Now under Rapture’s control, she orders Brandi to strip down and dress in the tiniest of bikinis. Rapture makes Brandi pose for proactive muscle pictures, knowing that doing so would blow Brandi’s cover for future missions. To seal the deal, Rapture then puts on a huge strapon, and makes Brandi simulate a BJ. Confident she now has the job all to herself, Rapture leaves a still mesmerized Brandi, on the floor.

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