MJ’s Pain Toy – 4K

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MJ The Dominator is excited to have joined our family, and wants to live up to her name. Rapture lends her a slave, and MJ ties him down to the bondage box. Wearing sexy leather gloves, with matching knee high boots, and a whip, MJ gets to work. She whips her slave full force on his stomach, chest, and covered cock.

All this whipping has MJ turned on, and she soon finds herself biting the slave. She digs her teeth deep into his nipples, stomach, and cock, causing him to wince in pain. Mj straddles him, grinding up and down on his cock with her pussy and thighs.

She continues this mix of pain and pleasure until she finds herself so turned on, she has to stop. Mj The Dominator. This girl is gonna be trouble for any man standing in front of her.

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