Muscle Barbie Worship and Wrestling – 4K

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There’s a smoking hot new girl in town, and she’s here to steal Rapture’s clients. Lauren Fogle, LFC & LFL superstar, thinks she’s bigger, stronger, and hotter than Rapture. As Lauren is talking smack, Rapture overhears her and confronts her. Rapture pushes Lauren, which results in an intense wrestling match.

Two tines, Lauren gets Rapture in a hold and makes her submit. After every submission, she makes Rapture worship her tight muscles. Unbeknownst to Lauren, Rapture has been toying with her the whole time. Rapture is mad now, and makes Lauren pay. with a 40 pound weight advantage, Rapture twists, bends, and squeezes Lauren into submission. Now, Rapture makes Lauren worship her pumped muscles.

It would have ended there, but Lauren makes a smart comment as Rapture is walking away. Rapture quickly rag dolls Lauren into a rear naked choke, and puts her out, leaving no doubt who the real Muscle Goddess is

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