Not So Special Agent – 4K

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Brandi a Special Agent that specializes in fighting crime. After arresting a wanted group, the group sends their hit squad to exact revenge on Brandi. When muscle bound Rapture and Lilly Ice come banging on her door, she calls for help, but they can’t arrive in time.Rapture and Lilly barge in the house, and quickly restrain Brandi; putting her in a full nelson, and dragging her into the next room.Brandi is completely helpless against the 2, and the begin to punish her body with tight double bearhugs. Rapture then puts Brandi in a chicken wing, while Lilly boob smothers her. Rapture and Lilly take turns repeating this sequence. Then leave Brandi hurt and alone.

The next day comes, and as Brandi is talking to her agency about the lack of help, Rapture and Lilly show up again. Lilly snatches the phone out of her hands, and the 2 proceed to squeeze Brandi tight in bearhugs, and smother her with their boobs. Unable to take it anymore, Brandi’s falls to the ground. Rapture throws her lifeless body over her shoulders, and they take Brandi back to their secret lair.

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