Office Punishment

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Rapture’s had a long day at the office. After stepping out to take a break, she returns to find some creepy guy just loitering around. She informs him that the office is closed, but he pays her no mind. Big mistake. If he won’t leave, Rapture will make sure he’s as uncomfortable there as can be. She quickly pounces on him, pinning him down with her massive weight. Rapture binds his hands with Duct Tape and begins to grind her sharp high hell into his cock & balls. As he begins to moan, Rapture grows more annoyed. Shoving her entire hand in his mouth, and when that doesn’t work, smothering him with her tits, he is soon quiet. The cock torture continues as Rapture digs her heels deep into it. She continues to smother him, this time adding in some hard face slaps. Something tells us he won’t be coming back anymore after this.

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