Olympic Wrestling IV

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. Part of the ever popular Olympic Wrestling series, we present you with this installment. Goddess Rapture, a boxing gym owner, is getting in a workout dressed in a revealing tight outfit, when a potential male client comes in looking for training. He’s shocked to find her sitting there and begins to belittle her, telling her there is no way a girl can train a man. Deeply offended, and pissed off that he’s interrupted her bicep curls, Rapture decides to challenge him to a series of feats of strength. Stripping down to nothing and lacing up their gloves, the 2 enter the ring. Rapture’s skinny opponent is no match for her and gets a thorough lesson in the sweet science. Her DD tits bouncing up & down, Rapture puts on quite the show. Still not done with him, Rapture decides to continue the lesson, this time with the rest of her powerful body. Rapture throws him around like a rag doll, scissoring him with those massive thighs until he almost pops. She lifts him around the ring in various holds. Curling, pressing, and bear hugging him, she also smothers him with her huge tits, at a relentless pace. Always trying to squeeze in a workout, Rapture uses him as her personal weight bench while she gets her perfectly sculpted muscles pumped to the max. Some boys will never learn, and the true Muscle Goddess Rapture will always be happy to teach them.

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