Popping A Squat

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Rapture’s slave has misbehaved, and now it’s time to be punished. After forcing an O-Ring into his moth so he can’t close it, she puts a hood over his head and lays him on the floor. Wearing crotchless fishnets and her favorite spikey boots, she pops a squat right above his face. She unzips the mouth portion of the mask exposing his exposed throat. As she tells him what’s about to happen, her slave tries in vain to close his mouth, but cannot; the O-Ring forcing it to stay open. With a smile on her mouth, Rapture begins to piss down his throat. She makes sure his mouth is full before stopping and admiring her work. With his mouth forced open, her slave is unable to swallow. He gurgles as he tries not to choke, waiting for permission to turn his head and let his mouth’s contents dribble out. Rapture then begins to spit in his mouth, making him clean the bottom of her shoes, right after. Taking delight in his humiliation, Rapture forces him to lick her asshole while pissing in his mouth again. Essentially waterboarding him with her golden shower, Rapture repeats the process over & over until he can’t take anymore, leaving him in wet piss soaked puddle.

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